Facilitating E-Governance and Government Services through AISECT Seva Kendra’s Efforts Mayank Patil July 5, 2024

Facilitating E-Governance and Government Services through AISECT Seva Kendra’s Efforts



According to a study conducted in June 2022, UPI, the leading payment platform, had over 10 lakh crore monthly transactions.  

With technological advancement, the integrated digital web portals for various government sources are also increasing. E-governance or electronic governance is an example of such technological advancements. E-governance is simply the application of information technology for exchanging information, government services, back-office procedures, communication transactions and much more. These processes and interactions take place within the governance framework. The services of the government are made available to the citizens through information technology. 

The e-governance has made the lives of the citizens easier. Four main elements comprise e-governance: Process, Technology, People and Resources. The government functions with the help of ICT or Information and Communications Technology and interacts with the citizens and businesses in 4 different ways, which are:

  • • G2C (Government to Citizens)
  • • G2B (Government to Business)
  • • G2G (Government to Government)
  • • G2E (Government to Employees)

E-governance is a step towards SMART governance. The term SMART governance refers to governance, which is Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent. The objectives of e-governance are to provide a better service to the citizens and empower people through information. It also enhances the efficiency within Government, that is between inter-states and centre-states. E-governance improves the interface with industry and businesses as well. 

How Does E-Governance Benefit Us?

According to a study conducted, there are 4,671 e-services launched in 709 districts all over India for the MMP project. 

E-governance has made government services reach the citizens more easily and accurately. There are many ways in which electronic government services help citizens access the services seamlessly. Some of how e-governance benefits us are:

Access to Information and technology

Electronic government services make reliable information on governance and time available. E-governance reaches out to the people through a life-cycle approach by providing services to the citizens that would be needed from birth to death. 

Efficiency and Simplicity

Incorporating ICT (Information and Communications Technology) into the governance leads to simplifying complicated procedures, simplifying structures, checking out outdated processes, and so on.


Transparency is the most important principle behind good governance. Transparency in government operations also increases the people’s confidence towards the government and eliminates the possibility of concealed information.

Reduction in Corruption

E-governance helps reduce corruption by exposing information and providing a better service to the citizens. 

Increased Accountability

The government becomes automatically accountable for its actions as soon as the process becomes transparent. An accountable Government is a responsible Government. 

Reduced Cost

There will be a reduction in the cost when the expenditure for the paper-works will be reduced significantly, saving valuable money for the Government. 

Speed of Work

The incorporation of the technology enhances communication and makes communication quicker. It saves valuable time making it available for other productive works. 

AISECT’s effort in Facilitating E-Governance

According to a report, over 1.73 crore farmers and 2.26 lakh traders are registered on the NAM platform.  

AISECT, a Bhopal-based organization has been empowering people, creating jobs, and promoting entrepreneurship for 37 years. AISECT has helped meet the demands of local communities for ICT services and various skills. AISECT Seva Kendra is a comprehensive platform that offers B2C and G2C services to the people of India. The web portal of AISECT Seva Kendra provides a wide range of services to rural and urban areas. the services provided by AISECT Seva Kendra are:

ITR Filing

Filing ITR or Income Tax Returns is an important activity for individuals. AISECT Seva Kendra makes the process hassle-free and helps to file the returns in AISECT Seva Kendras. 

Electricity Bill Payment Service

AISECT Seva Kendra makes electricity bill payments easy by allowing customers to pay the bills over 17 states and across 23 Electricity Boards. The platform enables cross-checking the bill amount before payment and recharging the wallet on the portal. 

Mobile and DTH Service

Mobile and DTH services have become an integral part of our lives and AISECT Seva Kendra offers a seamless method of recharging/paying mobile and DTH bills across India.

Bajaj Auto Finance (Loan)

Customers can easily pay installments with the help of the seamless service of AISECT Seva Kendra and avoid transaction failures by visiting AISECT Seva Kendras. 

Pan Card

AISECT Seva Kendra has made the complicated process of applying for PAN cards simple by making it accessible and seamless. 

Mutual Funds

AISECT offers Mutual Funds services on the portal for risk reduction, portfolio management, fair pricing, and so on, featuring top Indian funds.  

Railway Reservation Services

At every block and panchayat, AISECT Seva Kendra has set up Railways Reservation Services to make the booking of railway tickets easier by offering General, Tatkal and Premium Tatkal ticket booking options. 

Loan Lead

The organization offers lead generation services for credit cards, personal loans, business loans and so on.

Adhaar Enabled Payment System

AEPS uses a person’s Adhaar number linked to their bank account for transferring or withdrawing money from the bank.

Insurance Service

ASK provides general and life insurance products through corporate agent of six insurance companies like LIC, SBBI Life Insurance and so on. 

Benefits of Facilitating E-Governance

Facilitating electronic governance have benefitted the citizens across the country through easy access and transparency. Some of the benefits of facilitating the electronic government services are:
  • • Adhaar linked with the bank account helps the citizens in receiving pensions, transferring subsidies, and eliminating leakages.  
  • •The e-filing portal for income tax filing has made the filing process easier and faster when compared to manual filing.
  • • Back-end processes is helping the government to process the applications of pensions, licenses much faster.
  • • Facilitating the electronic government services improves the administrative efficiency of the government. 
  • • Utilizing data analytics tools helps analysing trends, make data-driven policies and take correct actions. 


The landscape of governance has gone through a profound shift in this digitally advanced era. The government services have harnessed the power of technology to enhance the benefits of the people and have made the work much more productive. From bill payments to applying for Adhaar and PAN cards, the processes have been immensely simplified through the strategic incorporation of the technology. AISECT Seva Kendra has various services to offer to the citizens of the country to simplify complicated procedures. With an integrated system of services, AISECT has helped in bridging the gap between digitization and the citizens. The organization’s commitment is not only impactful but also promises to be the future of e-governance. 

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