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Aisect CSR: Empowering Communities


AISECT recognizes the profound significance of skill development and social engagement, making it an ideal platform for collaborative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. As a key partner of NSDC, it prioritizes skill development and social engagement in its CSR programs, with a reach of over 4,74,575+ beneficiaries across India.

Empowering Communities: AISECT's Commitment

Our commitment to uplifting marginalized communities across India is unwavering. We strive to create equal opportunities for improved livelihoods, reaching out to more than 4,74,575+ beneficiaries. AISECT’s impact is evident in our dedication to reaching youths and women, demonstrated by our partnerships and initiatives.

Skills & livelihoods

Major CSR Collaborations: AISECT's Notable Partnerships

AISECT has collaborated with notable entities like Microsoft Rise, Redington Foundation, UNDP, NASSCOM, Arcelor Mittal & Nippon Steel, Vedanta Nandghar, STEM For Girls, Samsung Dost, Tata Trusts, Saurya Urja, BOSCH India Bridge program, IBM, GAIL, JSW Foundation, C-DAC, Cholamandlam Investment and Finance Company, Muthoot Fincorp, AV Global Corporation, CREDAI, AWS re/start – IPE Global, POSOCO, Azzure Power, HDFC Life Insurance Agents Programme, as well as public sector undertakings (PSUs) such as NALCO (National Aluminium Company Limited), NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation), POWERGRID, MECL (Mineral Exploration and Corporation Limited), and IOCL(Indian Oil Corporation Limited).

Exploring CSR Avenues
AISECT's Potential Initiatives

AISECT’s potential CSR initiatives encompass a diverse range of areas, aiming to foster positive change in society

Spreading Digital Literacy

Employment-Linked Training

Creating Digital Communities

Creating Digital Communities

Gender Equity and Women Empowerment

Capacity Building for Vulnerable Groups

Awareness Generation Campaigns

Career Pathways for vocationally trained students

Women & Future Skills


Major CSR Projects by AISECT

Our commitment to impactful CSR initiatives is exemplified by our noteworthy projects:

Microsoft – Digital Skilling Program

AISECT’s collaboration with Microsoft empowers women in Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh through digital skilling training. Over 1,360 candidates have gained ICT-based skills, enhancing their employability.

Microsoft RISE – Rural India Skill Empowerment Program

AISECTs partnership with Microsoft RISE aims to empower 2,00,000 women and youth with digital literacy skills. This program spans 8 states, including Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, and more, impacting over 1,09,290 beneficiaries.

UNDP – Green Recovery Pathway for India

In partnership with AISECT, the UNDP’s Green Recovery Pathway for India focuses on creating employment opportunities in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. Our innovative approach includes Internship Linked Skill Training, Placement Linked Skill Training, and Apprenticeship Linked Skill Training. We’ve impacted over 3,000 candidates, with 1,250 successfully placed, contributing to sustainable development.

UNDP – Driving Economic Empowerment of Women & Youth

Partnering with UNDP and Marico, AISECT’s CSR initiative in Madhya Pradesh leverages online tools for effective training. We’ve trained and placed over 1,500 candidates, focusing on 21st Century Employability Skills.

NASSCOM Foundation – Illuminating Digital Futures

NASSCOM Foundation and AISECT together, we’re establishing Digital Resources Centres for DXC Technologies under CSR and Local Area Development programs. Through this, we’re enabling beneficiaries in Maharashtra and Rajasthan to embrace digital literacy, financial literacy, and e-governance opportunities and have benefited 2,11,050+ beneficiaries across india.


Enabling Change with Radington Foundation

Discover the purpose-driven efforts of Redington Foundation – a trust established by Redington (India) Limited. Through focused endeavors in Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing, we’re creating positive impacts in Karnataka, fostering a better society through CSR activities.

AM/NS India

Arcelor Mittal & Nippon Steel CSR

AISECT’s involvement in training youths for Telecom and IT/ITeS roles showcases our dedication to skill enhancement. We’ve trained 200 candidates, contributing to their employability.
vedanta nandghar

Vedanta Nandghar – Transforming Anganwadis

Vedanta Foundation’s CSR project entrusted AISECT with the noble responsibility of adopting and transforming Anganwadis into Nandghars in Rajasthan’s Sikar district. Our efforts empower over 4500 women candidates, offering skill development and job opportunities.

STEM for Girls

In collaboration with IBM and Quest Alliance, AISECT’s STEM programs for girls in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana empower the next generation with essential skills. Over 13,887 girls have benefited from this initiative.


Samsung Dost – Empowering Southern India

Join the journey of transformation as AISECT partners with Samsung Dost to drive skill training in the southern regions of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. Together, we’re empowering 284 candidates, ushering in new opportunities for youth and women as in-store promoters and demonstrators.

Tata Trusts

Mission Gaurav – TATA Trusts Migration Support

Our CSR initiative with TATA Trusts supports vulnerable families affected by the pandemic. By providing monetary benefits to sustain wage loss, we’ve impacted over 30,000 candidates in Rajasthan.
Saurya Urja

Solar Empowerment with Saurya Urja

Witness the birth of change as Saurya Urja Company of Rajasthan Limited joins forces with AISECT. Our mission: establish a Skill Development and Solar Training Institute at Phalodi, Rajasthan. Through this CSR and Local Area Development program, we’re training 500 candidates, preparing them for careers as Solar PV Installers, Tailors, Data Entry Operators, and Plumbers.

Bosch India

Bridging the Skills Gap with BOSCH India

The BRIDGE program, a pioneering CSR initiative by BOSCH, joins forces with AISECT. Our goal: address India’s growing need for skilled manpower. Through short-term, employable skill training, we’ve impacted 120 beneficiaries across 6 locations.


Building Futures with CREDAI Partnership

In collaboration with CREDAI, AISECT is shaping the future of youth across Indore and Bhopal. Our focus: enhancing skills in the construction trade. With 360 candidates trained, we’re constructing pathways to success.

IPE Global

AWS re/start – Nurturing Tech Leaders with IPE Global

Join us as we team up with IPE Global and AWS to empower girls aged 18-25. Our mission: AWS re/start curriculum training. At our residential center in Saipura, Jaipur and Rajasthan, 75 candidates are becoming tech-savvy trailblazers.



Explore the dynamic partnership between AISECT and the premier R&D organization, C-DAC. Our focus is on enhancing employability in the IT-ITes sector for SC/ST candidates. AISECT and C-DAC collaborate across 13 centers in 9 states, including Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Bihar.



AISECT’s collaboration with GAIL, for imparting skill development training program in the IT-ITeS sector. The program encompasses training in basic computer literacy, data entry and soft skills job roles, also access to job placement opportunities for better livelihoods. Under this CSR initiative, 900 beneficiaries were trained in Madhya Pradesh

JSW Skill School CSR – Nurturing IT and Telecom Skills

In Rajasthan, AISECT played a pivotal role in JSW Foundation’s CSR program, offering training in IT-ITeS and Telecom roles. The result: 450 candidates equipped with valuable skills and prepared for future opportunities.

Facilitating IT Empowerment with C-DAC

Explore the dynamic partnership between AISECT and the premier R&D organization, C-DAC. Our focus: enhancing employability in the IT-ITes sector for SC/ST candidates. AISECT and CDAC collaborate across 13 centers in 9 states, including Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Bihar.



Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited (CIFCL) partnered with AISECT for a CSR initiative aimed at training 120 candidates in the BFSI sector as skilled Mutual Fund Agents. Our impact is felt across Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Muthoot Fincorp

Muthoot Fincorp CSR – Nurturing Sustainable Livelihoods

In our pursuit of sustainable livelihoods, AISECT collaborates with Muthoot Fincorp. Our mission: equipping unemployed youth with skills. 312 beneficiaries trained across Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Odisha, securing captive employment.


Powering Skills for a Bright Future with POSCO

AISECT stands proudly as the torchbearer of skills development in POSCO’s CSR program. Our mission: nurturing skills in 90 beneficiaries. Our canvas spans the district of Raigarh, Maharashtra. We’re powering dreams through skills.


HDFC Life Insurance Agents Programme – Building Futures Together

AISECT teams up with HDFC & NSDC International to ignite the path to success across different states of Jharkhand. A dedicated group of 400 candidates is being trained to become skilled life insurance agents, paving the way for secure futures.



Our partnership with NALCO focuses on training candidates in the Retail sector. With 210 candidates trained, we’ve contributed to skill development in Orissa.

These are just a few examples of AISECT’s significant contributions to CSR initiatives. Our commitment to socio-economic development and skill enhancement continues to transform lives across diverse sectors and geographies.


NTPC CSR – Transforming Lives

The National Thermal Power Corporation’s (NTPC) CSR program took shape in two phases. AISECT’s instrumental role included setting up skill training centers in Patna Sahib and Rohtas, Bihar, for the first phase. The second phase, held in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, saw AISECT’s impactful efforts. With training delivered to 625 candidates, 323 candidates are now enjoying the benefits of successful placements.

Empowering Communities with POWERGRID

In March 2016, AISECT partnered with NSDC to spearhead POWERGRID’s CSR project. Our focus extends across diverse sectors, including Agriculture, Apparel, Electronics, IT/ITeS, Telecom, Beauty & Wellness, Security, Construction, Retail, and Tourism. Our efforts have spanned 8 different locations, including Kota, Sundergarh, Raigarh, Ranchi, Patiala, Banka, Dehgam, and Meerut. Through rigorous training, we’ve empowered 870 candidates, out of which 629 candidates have successfully secured placements.


MECL CSR – Skill Enhancement for Tomorrow

Mineral Exploration and Corporation Limited (MECL) embarked on a CSR journey in the Telecom and Construction sectors through two phases. AISECT’s unwavering commitment led to training 125 beneficiaries in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, focusing on crucial trades like Domestic Data Entry Operator and Assistant Electrician.

Indian Oil

Empowering Farrukhabad with IOCL – CSR

Indian Oil Corporation Limited partners with AISECT and NSDC to empower Farrukhabad’s youth. Our aim: uplift underserved communities, women, people with disabilities, Below Poverty Line individuals, and minority communities. Empowering 240 candidates, with 168 successfully placed.

AV Global

Empowering through AV Global Charitable Trust

AISECT joins hands with AV Global Trust for a greater cause. Our mission: developing Atma Nirbhar Skill Development Centers. Through training modules and vocational IT training support, we’ve empowered 240 candidates for brighter tomorrows.


Schneider Electronics CSR – Illuminating Futures

AISECT’s collaboration with Schneider Electronics has set up Electrical labs, offering skills training in various Electrical job roles. Our initiatives include providing placement opportunities through job linkages, contributing to a brighter future for 134 beneficiaries.

Be part of the journey that’s transforming lives and nurturing progress. Join us as we empower individuals and communities, one initiative at a time.