AISECT Seva Kendra admin July 28, 2023


AISECT Seva Kendra aims to offer B2C and G2C services to the people of India via The portal has quickly spread to both urban and rural areas and now provides a broad range of services.

 The comprehensive platform integrates with government departments, private businesses, and other organizations to provide services related to academics, recruitment, online counseling, online assessments, and B2C services.

Mission & Vision
To make digital services accessible to all citizens of India and enable nation’s growth.



The AISECTonline portal is currently operating through a network of over 21,000+ AISECT Seva Kendras across India. The goal of is to make digital services easily accessible to people in their local areas, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and affordability. This will meet their basic needs and make their lives better in the long run.


AISECT Headquarters
SCOPE Campus,
INH-12, Near Misrod,
Hoshangabad Road,
Bhopal 462047, India

Helpline Number:
Phone: +91-0755-2432842/2432844/2432846

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