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AISECT, in collaboration with NSDC, pioneers the Market-led Fee-based Services Scheme, a driving force in establishing a sustainable and enabling skill training ecosystem. Our partnership began in May 2012, united by the goal of skilling 20 lakh youth by 2029. Aligning future workforce needs with AISECT’s strengths, we operate across 10 states: Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.

Expansive Impact

With a focus on sectors like IT/ITes, Electronic Hardware, Organized Retail, Agriculture, Textile Garments, BFSI, and Education & Skill Development Services, we’ve trained 8,200 candidates, ushering a transformative wave of skill development.

Aim of the Program

Bridging the gap between job seekers and requisite skill sets, our program aims to establish a sustainable livelihood and an enabling skill ecosystem, nurturing skill development nationwide. Non-certified candidates in NON-QP aligned courses can pay fees for relevant courses, gain certification, and secure placements.

What AISECT Offers

Empowerment for Excluded Communities:

AISECT enhances self-employment and entrepreneurship programs, fostering inclusion.

Synergy of Skill Centers and Academia:

We integrate skill centers with academic study, establishing vocational academies or skill resource centers within universities.

Placement Services:

Offering both online and offline placement services, we bridge the gap between skilled individuals and opportunities.

Content Creation Center:

We’re elevating the AISECT Content Creation Center as the bedrock of ongoing skill development initiatives.

Major Patnerships

We collaborate extensively, designing competency frameworks, conducting skill gap analyses through train-the-trainer programs, certifying trainees aligned with National Occupational Standards, and establishing occupational standards and qualification bodies. 

AISECT collaborated with 27 SSCs (Sector Skill Council) to provide multiple skill training programs. 

They design competency frameworks –

Our Partners

NSDC Round 2

Under NSDC round 2, AISECT is expanding skilling across 15 states in the North East, North Zone and South regions, covering 12 sectors in 114 job roles to meet future manpower needs.  

Total Trained and placed over the 7 years under NSDC round 2 – 

Trained –  15,000 Beneficiaries.

Placed – 5,000 Beneficiaries.

Driving Objectives


Skill around 2 million individuals across seven organized and unorganized sectors by 2029.


Extend skilling and training facilities to underdeveloped states like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Telangana, West Bengal, Uttarakhand, and North East States.


  • Forge links between skill development and university education through Vocational Academies or Skill Resource Centers within AISECT universities.


  • Harness online training delivery as a multiplier for broadening our reach and providing relevant content online.


  • Back skill development programs with online and offline placement services.


Expand and strengthen the AISECT Content Creation Centre as the cornerstone of skill development efforts.


Develop innovative, high-quality, low-cost business models with partners.

Inclusive Approach

This program is open to all candidates seeking short-term training courses, transcending age limits. Over a decade, we’ve trained and placed a cumulative 859,279 beneficiaries, positively impacting individual skill productivity and enhancing the ecosystem. Our dedication to skill development is unwavering, forging a brighter future for India.