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Primary school students in class


SCOPE Public Hr. Sec. School, established on July 1, 2001, is a venture of AISECT (All India Society for Electronics & Computer Technology), affiliated to the MP Board of Secondary Education. We focus on providing science and technology-based education and developing holistic life skills in our students.

With the aim to create a motivating learning environment, we foster personal responsibility that enables each child to succeed. We prioritize the development of our students’ moral compass, promoting values such as respect, self-esteem, and social consciousness, and providing a safe and inclusive environment for our students to feel valued and a sense of belonging.
Primary school students in class


Holistic Development and Enhancement.

Holistic development emphasizes the importance of connections to the natural world, community, and humanitarian values in finding purpose and meaning in life. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with the essential life skills needed to become well-rounded, empathetic, and intellectually-developed individuals.


To provide an education that combines moral values with academic excellence, helping students reach their full potential by fostering spiritual, social, and academic growth.


Establish higher levels of achievement and excellence, founded on the principles of love and joy, stemming from the pursuit of truth, knowledge, and intellect to build a stronger nation and a better world.

SCOPE Public Higher Secondary School

The relationship between the school and the parents of students is extremely important for the overall education of the students. Teachers and parents often get to see different aspects of a student personality. It can be useful for both to hear the perspective of the other.

Today, Children face lots of pressure in School, home and in society. When both Parents and Teachers work together to try and provide the best environments, the child is usually the winner.

Our Priority is to give a holistic approach to education and I am sure I will achieve it with your help & support.
Wish you All the Best and God’s blessings throughout the Academic Year.

Dr. Prakriti Chaturvedi
Scope Public Hr. Sec. School

Dr. Prakriti Chaturvedi


Brainy Bear Pre-Schools

Brainy Bear Pre-Schools

At Brainy Bear, we focus on the holistic development of children by following Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. This approach not only helps in imparting knowledge of various concepts, but also emphasises on developing life skills such as confidence, leadership, initiative, and courage.

Our activity-based curriculum aligns with IB, CBSE, and ICSE boards. It includes a balance of individual and group activities, indoor and outdoor activities, and activities fostering all aspects of development. Our goal is to nurture children’s personalities in an ideal learning environment.

Vocational Programs in schools

AISECT provides comprehensive solutions for school students to gain vocational training through the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Vocationalisation of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education under the National Skills Qualifications Framework. The program began in 2014 with 28 schools in Haryana for the IT/ITeS sector and expanded to include 20 schools in Rajasthan. The program includes guest lectures, industry visits, interactive lectures, and role-playing demonstrations to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of their chosen trade.

Additionally, AISECT places a strong emphasis on training trainers to
guide students in making the right vocational choices and preparing them
to be productive citizens. The trainers receive training on various aspects
of vocational education and domain-specific skills to help them effectively
guide and provide relevant learning experiences for their students.

Providing vocational education in 1600+ Govt. schools via the CSS –VHSE scheme.

Vocational Programs in schools