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AISECT Publications, established by the AISECT group, is a national publication dedicated to publishing books and magazines in science and technology, skill development, art, and literature in Hindi, English, and other Indian languages. The aim of AISECT Publications is to promote creativity across a wide range of disciplines such as literature, education, science, and technology. 

Over the years, the publication house has consistently produced materials related to art, education, literacy, scientific understanding, skill development, history, tourism, accountancy, medicine, finance, management, law, urban and rural development, and various social issues.

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AISECT Publications has earned six awards for excellence in publishing from the Federation of Indian Publishers New Delhi in the past two years. This national recognition in such a short period of time since its establishment demonstrates that the publication house is heading in the right direction and has received significant appreciation from its valued readers.

Award for Excellence in Book Publication for the year 2020, 2021 & 2022

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