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Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi is India’s leading Parenting Coach, Educationist, Entrepreneur & the Founder of India’s fastest-growing Parenting resource organization–Get Set Parent with Pallavi. Her social media handle, @getsetparentwithpallavi with over 1 Million followers & have become a hub for young parents. She is the founder of the Brainy Bear Preschools, the Brainy Bear range of Early Learning Products for children and is the Chief Curator of India’s biggest children’s festival, Get Set Parent-Vishwarang Children’s Literature, Art and Music Festival. Dr. Pallavi is also the EVP of AISECT Group, is on the National Working Committee of the FICCI Toys Council and is the Vice President of the Early Childhood Association of India amongst several other hats she wears. Dr. Pallavi has also been awarded as one of the inspiring women leaders of 2023 by The Economic Times

What we do?

Get Set Parent

India's rapidly emerging parenting platforms, established by Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi With 1+ Million followers on social media

Brainy Bear Store

Range of Early Skills & Brain Development Toys

Brainy Bear Pre-School’s

Brainy Bear Pre-Schools has a wide franchise network in 16 locations all across India.

Children's Art & Literature

The GSP Children’s Literature & Art Festival in Bhopal is an exciting annual event featuring world-class shows such as storytelling, theater workshops, etc.

Get Set Parent with Pallavi

Instagram channel with parenting and language tips

Childrens Art & Literature Festival

Brainy Bear Pre - School


Brainy Bear Pre-School & Activity Club is an earnest attempt by us to create exactly the kind of Pre-school where every child wants to study. Brainy Bear has a wide franchise network in 16 locations all across India .Brainy Bear started in 2013 with its rural model, Prarambh and then with its urban Model. We believe in giving children a fun loving and safe environment. We follow Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence & Montessori System of Education.

Brainy Bear Store


Parenting is a wild ride, filled with ups and downs, moments of joy, triumphs, challenges, self-doubt, and even guilt. While it’s often said that parenting can’t be taught, being well-informed about your child’s developmental stages can enhance your enjoyment of this journey. As the founder of Brainy Bear Preschools and Vice President of the Early Childhood Association, Dr. Pallavi believes in transforming home learning into immersive experiences using a scientific approach.

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The Economic Times Inspiring Women Leaders
Award 2023

Adjudged as one of the Winners of the business world BW Education 40 under 40 Award 2022

Influencer X Award

Outstanding Teaching Innovation Award

Top 50 Preschool franchisors of Asia list 2019

Entreprenueur Influencer Award 2023

Entrepreneur Influencer Award 2023

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