A Step Towards Employment: AISECT and NSDC’s Vision for Skill Development Mayank Patil July 5, 2024

A Step Towards Employment: AISECT and NSDC’s Vision for Skill Development

Skill Development


Skill development is crucial for economic growth, particularly in rural and semi-urban regions where employment opportunities are often limited. Recognizing this need, AISECT joined hands with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in May 2012. This partnership aims to skill 20 lakh youth by 2029, focusing on 20 key sectors to ensure comprehensive coverage and impact. The collaboration is designed to uplift marginalized communities by providing access to quality education and training.

AISECT and NSDC’s efforts are aligned with the broader Skill India Mission, which seeks to transform the skill landscape of the country. Through this partnership, they are addressing critical skill gaps, developing innovative training models, and involving private players to support multiple initiatives. The goal is to create a sustainable skill ecosystem that can drive nationwide development, especially in areas that have traditionally been underserved.

Key Objectives of the Partnership

The AISECT-NSDC partnership is committed to addressing the skill gap among job seekers in India. By offering both online and offline placement services, AISECT ensures that trained individuals have ample employment opportunities. One of the core initiatives includes the establishment of the AISECT Content Creation Centre, designed to drive ongoing skill development efforts. Additionally, the partnership focuses on developing cost-effective, high-quality business models with various partners to promote innovation and inclusivity.

Diverse Training Programs

AISECT’s training programs cover a broad range of sectors including:

  • IT/ITes
  • Hardware and Networking
  • – Livelihood & Vocational Training
  • – Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • – Agriculture
  • – Teacher’s Training
  • – Marketing & Retail
  • – Apparel & Textile
  • – Tourism & Hospitality
  • – Telecom
  • – Beauty & Wellness
  • – Construction

These programs aim to provide comprehensive training that meets industry standards, ensuring that trainees are well-prepared for the job market.

Key Achievements and Initiatives:

  • 1. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras (PMKK)

AISECT plays a pivotal role in the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra initiative by NSDC, operating 35 PMKK centers in states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Tamil Nadu. These centers are designed to provide high-standard, competency-based skill development training.

Trained Beneficiaries: Over 40,810 candidates

  • 2. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY)

AISECT has been instrumental in implementing PMKVY across various phases. Through detailed socio-economic surveys, training programs have been tailored to meet the specific needs of 140 districts in 18 states.

Trained Beneficiaries: 38,577 individuals

  • 3. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

As part of PMKVY, AISECT’s RPL initiative acknowledges and certifies the skills and experiences of individuals, empowering them with essential domain and entrepreneurial skills.

Trained Beneficiaries: 8,680 individuals

4. Capacity Building

AISECT’s capacity-building initiatives span multiple states, focusing on enhancing financial and digital literacy among beneficiaries.

Trained Beneficiaries: 42,907 individuals

5. Project AMBER

In collaboration with NSDC and Generation India Foundation, Project AMBER aims to bridge the skill gap among unemployed youth, providing training and job placement opportunities.

Trained Beneficiaries: 30,000 young individuals, including 50% female trainees

6. NIPUN – Upskilling Construction Workers

Under the National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM), AISECT supports the NIPUN initiative, focusing on upskilling construction workers through comprehensive training programs.

Trained Beneficiaries: 100+ candidates

Data and Analytics


Impact in Numbers

  • • Total Trained Beneficiaries: 1,61,075+
  • • Cumulative Student Registrations: Over 9 lakh
  • • Placement Rate: 70% in the last 3 years

Key Metrics

The impact of AISECT’s initiatives is reflected in several key metrics:

  • • PMKK Centers: 35
  • • Districts Covered: 140
  • • States Reached: 18
  • • Female Participation in Project AMBER: 50%

Awards and Recognition

Best Practice Recognition Award (Student Enrollment Category): 2013 by NSDC

Collaborations and Support

AISECT collaborates with various partners to ensure the success of its skill development initiatives. These partners include:

  • • Skill India
  • • PMKVY
  • • NIPUN
  • • Seekho aur Kamao-2.0
  • • Gareeb Kalyaan Rojgar Abhiyan 


The AISECT-NSDC partnership is making a big difference in skill development in rural India. By offering training in various fields, helping people find jobs, and encouraging new business ideas, this partnership is closing the skill gap and boosting the economy in marginalized communities. Thanks to their efforts, rural India is becoming more skilled and prosperous.

Their success is clear from the impressive numbers: over 1,61,075 people trained across India, with 70% of them finding jobs in the past three years. Programs like PMKK, PMKVY, RPL, and Project AMBER have been key in empowering people and promoting economic growth. Studies show that these programs are improving incomes, job stability, and quality of life for trainees.

Working with partners like Skill India and other organizations has helped reach even more people and increase the impact of these programs. The AISECT-NSDC partnership is not just about teaching skills; it’s about creating a sustainable system for ongoing learning and development, contributing to the overall economic and social well-being of the nation.

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