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10 Effective Job Search Strategies

10 effective job search engine

Job hunting is a time-consuming process, in this process, if you make some strategies for job search it will not only save you time but also help you invest the time in building your skills for the required job. It usually takes a few weeks, if not a month, as this time is crucial, it is worth enough for you to learn effective job search strategies that can make your search for career prospects easier. When you start searching for jobs, establishing lucid intentions and a summary about yourself is very important; For example- what kind of a job you are finding or what kind of a job aligns with your interest and building a profile according to that can help you in making informed decisions. Having the right strategy can help you connect with the hiring managers or HRs of the companies in which you are interested. For saving time and getting the required job, strategies will surely help you in making your career job search effective. In this Blog, we will discuss 10 strategies of job search, Strategic job search tactics are the compass guiding you away from the time-wasting quicksand of aimless applications.


  • 1. Know yourself and update your Resume

63% of recruiters prefer resumes that are tailored to the job position

The first and foremost thing you should do is reflect on your skills and find what sort of a job or work aligns with your interest. Why is that important? Building a profile that can suit you and your interests increases your chances not only of getting a job but of staying in that organization for a long time without getting disinterested. Updating your Resume according to the job you are looking for is a great way that boost your chances of getting a desired job.

  • 2. Find the Keywords

75% of resumes are rejected before reaching the hiring manager due to applicant tracking systems (ATS)

Finding keywords and using them in your resume can increase your chances of getting past an ATS (Application Tracking System). There is a great chance currently that before the recruiter sees your resume it is going to be checked by ATS first. To use this strategy, the first step would be to search keywords in the job description for which you are applying and then add such keywords to your resume, by using this strategy your resume can stand out among the rest.

Also, Don’t forget to build the same profile in other social media profiles. Ensure that everywhere you are telling the same story about yourself. When a recruiter wants you to hire, the keywords of your resume and other social media profiles are key elements that can help them know you better.

  • 3. Build a social media presence

67% of employers use social media platforms to research potential job candidates.

For landing a job in 2024, Building an online presence or social media profile is very important. These days your social media handles tell the story about you, your work, and your adaptability with this new approach.  How active you are on social media and what you have done in your life to upskill your profile matters. That is why updating your profile with the relevant keywords and being updated with the current trends can help you achieve great heights in getting a job.

Leveraging Platforms like Rojgar Mantra, Indeed, Glassdoor, Naukri. com,and Linkedin could be an effective way to stand out in the competition.

54% of companies have eliminated a candidate based on their social media content.

Optimising other social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can also be helpful in this journey of finding a perfect job. Using hashtags on Instagram and Twitter by using keywords can be effective to highlight your profile, also following the influencers in your field and posting relevant content can help you. It also allows the recruiters to understand more about you and tells them why they should hire you. Ensure that you are keeping it professional and stay away from posting anything that could be seen as negative in the eyes of a recruiter. Reflect on what you are posting and Analyse whether any change is needed.


  • 4. Focus your search

Another important thing is Focus on what you are searching for, what you need, what skills you possess, what is the requirement of your role in the organisation, and are your skills relevant to that. After analysing these factors, it is important to build a research strategy. Research several companies and organisations that are offering the work you are suitable for. Take time to read job postings, requirements of the job, website content of the company, and other social media profiles, create a list of those organisations, and start tailoring your resume and profile according to it. This will give you an edge in the search, also it will help you create a list of potential employers. 


  • 5. Time your Applications strategically

 Research suggests you’ll have the best results if your application is submitted between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., or during lunchtime.

Timing your applications is an effective way to be top on the list of the recruiter. It has been shown by the results that Friday afternoon is not a good time to send your applications as there’s a higher chance it won’t get read because like many people, recruiters also get busy preparing for their weekends. Even Monday morning or Sunday night is the best time to send you applications or emails. So, scheduling your applications can impact your job search.


  • 6. Start Networking for word-of-mouth recommendations

60% of jobs are found through networking, not online job boards.

Building relations with professionals and employers can be very helpful in finding a job. Connecting with recruiters or employers online is the way you can grow your network, it will not only help you build connections with the veterans in your field but will eventually help you with word-of-mouth recommendations.  Technology is the friend you should utilise in this journey. It brings you face to face with other learners just like you, mentors as well as industry professionals with valuable experience that they can share, helping you to build a strong network of contacts with people who think and face everything just like you, which is very important in the mentor-mentee relationship as it provides much-needed information, career guidance, and job opportunities.  Creating connections with mentors is extremely useful for you as they provide key guidance, and industry professionals can show, as well as create job opportunities along with sharing their years of experience and what they learned from all their time working.


  • 7. Research Companies

After Building a profile, updating resumes, and focusing on research. Once you have passed that stage the next step is to research companies and organisations, and building a clear understanding of job profiles will enhance your chances of achieving the interview selection as well as in upskilling. This step is important as in this you will gain insights about the culture, values, and expectations of the organisations, ensuring that you are the right fit for the job.


  • 8. Up your skills to stay competitive

87% of workers believe they will need to develop new skills throughout their working lives to keep up with workplace changes

Polishing skills and learning a new skill while finding a job is a great thing. Simultaneously you can learn something new or polish skills that your desired job requires. Staying competitive and upskilling according to the recent trends can enhance your productivity of yours as well as increase your chances of getting hired by the organisation. Learning courses online or offline, attending webinars or conferences, joining professional organisations, and reading industry insights will help you in this journey.

Apart from technical skills, building soft skills is also very crucial. Currency HRs are focusing more on soft skills because teaching soft skills is difficult as compared to technical skills. So it is very important to focus on communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and digital literacy.


  • 9. Use AI platform and other online platforms

As technology is evolving and our lives are also evolving with that, utilising technology can be an effective and efficient method to create or update your resumes. Passing an ATS (Application Tracking System) also it is also an efficient way to update your resume selection. AI tools can help you quickly create resumes and cover letters. Express to AI specifically what you want or what kind of a job profile you are targeting, It will create a relevant resume for you. Give input about the job description for more suggestions. AI-driven technology is a quick method to update the resume so that you can focus on other things such as skill building and networking.


  • 10. Practice for Interviews

33% of recruiters decide whether to hire a candidate within the first 90 seconds of an interview

Job searching is the initial stage but getting the desired result will end up with the interview, where recruiters will get to know you more. Interview is more than a resume updating journey, there they will check your skills which you have updated in your resume. That is why preparing for an interview is the most important step, if you don’t focus on the interview preparation every effort to make it for an interview will go wasted. Mock interviews are the best way to prepare for it. You can ask your friend or mentor to take your interviews. Also, the best way to self-prepare is to do mirror practice or record yourself in your phone and hear where you are lacking and correct it. By following these steps, you can surely ace the interview.



Having the right job-searching strategy in the initial stage will help you grow substantially. Creating a resume, having a good network, strategising the job search, and using AI platforms are social media; everything will take you one step closer to the desired output that you want. Following and implementing these strategies will surely increase your chances of getting placed in the organisation of your choice. If you are ready to apply this job search strategy to find jobs, Rojgar Mantra can help you find any kind of job, from normal jobs to professional jobs, Rojgar Mantra is your guide for your career.

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